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About Pilates

With fads and fancy ads filling the air, it's hard to differentiate which workout is right for you. Should you stretch out with yoga? Burn calories with cardio? Build muscle with machines? The truth is, you can do it all with one well-rounded, ever-evolving regimen.




Through the mastering of proper form and progressive sequences, Pilates helps to build lean muscle, aerobically burn calories, and balance both the body and mind. Our Pilates teachers are highly-trained professionals who have invested hundreds of hours into perfecting their technique. Their expertise in over 500 exercises allows them to assess your progress, correct your posture, adapt your exercises, and ensure you're making progress day in and day out. Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, used to say "In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body."


What he didn't mention is it only takes one session to realize this is exactly what you've been waiting for your entire life. Click our promotion and get started today.


Anna Alvarez



Anna's passion for Pilates bloomed in '96 at the Physical Mind Institute, culminating with her extensive Pilates training at Core Dynamics in New Mexico. A former ballet dancer with the Ballet Concerto Company, Anna's unique talents bring a refined methodology and balance to her teachings. Her breadth of experience is exemplified through her modified training programs designed to help students with limitations.


As the owner of Pilates Miami, Anna aspires to help her students break through plateaus while reaching new heights in the health of both body and mind.


Kimberly Vasquez



Much like Anna, Kimberly also honed her mind and body through the rigorous discipline of Ballet and Modern dance.

After spending 15 years perfecting her technique and completing her Vaganova Ballet training, Kim developed a true appreciation towards the rehabilitating effects of Pilates.

In order to reverse the wear and tear experienced by prolonged physical activity, Kim's 10 years of Pilates practice became the key to keeping her body at peak performance levels during her dance education.  After receiving her BFA from the New World School of the Arts in 2013, Kim enrolled in the Core Dynamics Teacher Training Program with Anna Alvarez and Kevin Bowen.


Kim has been teaching at Pilates Miami team since May of 2015.  As the Studio Manager of PILATES MIAMI, you can always find her at the front desk ready to assist all who are in need of it. Kimberly dedicates herself to helping those who have forgotten how to move freely – and without pain.



Michal Nevitt



Michal was introduced to Pilates as a young dancer in Chicago. The strength, precision and control Pilates provided her as a performer inspired her to learn more about the method. In 2008 Michal graduated from Purdue University and moved to Miami where she began her career as a dance teacher and choreographer. Soon after she started studying to become a Pilates Teacher in order to provide her students with the many benefits of Pilates. Michal received her comprehensive training from Pilates Education Group, under the mentorship of Anna Alvarez. In 2015, Michal received her title as a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher. when she isn't teaching, Michal enjoys dancing, boxing, and relaxing on the sunny beaches of Miami.


Michal is delighted to be part of the team at Pilates Miami As a Pilates and Barre teacher. Michal strives to introduce a balanced perfection to the lives of her students.


Lauren Levrant

Bachelor of Science


A true Miami native, Lauren has been practicing Pilates for almost a decade. When attending Northwestern University, mat classes at the local gym caught her eye. Soon thereafter, Lauren began taking reformer, tower, and chair classes. These disciplines accentuated her already athletic background, allowing her to reach new peaks in performance when competing at volleyball, softball, and basketball. Her respect for Pilates has helped with body awareness and alignment by increasing her overall strength and flexibility.


As a certified teacher at Pilates Miami, Lauren brings a spirit of competitive camaraderie to every class she teaches.


Bettina Osterwind



Having always led an active lifestyle dancing ballet, running track & playing tennis amongst many other activities, Bettina attended her first Pilates class out of curiosity 12 years ago. She immediately fell in love with how Pilates changed her body, posture and overall well-being by lengthening, strengthening, stretching and toning the entire body. For a long time she was content just reaping the physical & emotional benefits of taking Pilates classes, but eventually became interest in gaining a deeper understanding of how Pilates can benefit anyone with anybody type, fitness level and/or injuries. She wanted to be able to help others recognize the same benefits for fitness as well as rehabilitation, so she decided to become a comprehensively certified Pilates teacher through the Beyond the Basics teacher training program in Miami Beach, she completed the program, October 2014.


Bettina loves to teach a challenging and fun class tailored specifically to the skill and fitness levels of the students in each particular class. She is also certified to teach Ballet Barre, as well as TRX fitness classes.

Rosa Kennedy



Rosa brings to Pilates Miami a wealth of knowledge about the human body. Having worked as an assistant physical therapist and a massage therapist, Rosa amplifies her Pilates aptitude by having a stronger understanding of pediatric, orthopedic, rehabilitative, and neurologic conditions. She was always searching for the best method of retraining bodies to perform at maximum efficiency. As it turned out, Pilates was that answer.


As a certified teacher at Pilates Miami, Rosa understands how to combine science with Pilates to help her students truly grasp the potential of their bodies.


Facts & Questions

What is Pilates?


Pilates is a balanced system of 500+ controlled exercises that blend strength and flexibility to help develop leaner muscle, improved posture, and increased core stability. By working several muscle groups simultaneously in smooth, continuous motions, the body and mind engage harmoniously to build strength while reducing stress.


Who can practice Pilates?


Pilates is a discipline that can be practiced by anyone. The beauty of Pilates is that despite your fitness level, body condition, or age, you can still grow your strength and flexibilities. Our youngest client is 12 – and our oldest? 92! She's phenomenal.


At Pilates Miami, we adapt our programs to accommodate all levels of movement and flexibility. We modify and fine-tune our exercises as your experience grows.


What are the benefits of Pilates?


-          Improved posture and core strength

-          Longer, leaner muscles (strength without the bulk)

-          Increased flexibilities and muscle control

-          Improved coordination and alignment

-          Increased lung capacity and circulation

-          Uniformly developed musculature

-          Improved range of motion

-          Enhanced mental awareness and stronger mind/body connection

-          Improved bone density and joint health

-          Overall balance control


What should I wear?


Comfortable, breathable clothing will allow you to move freely while stretching. We recommend wearing pants or shorts that are form-fitted and not too loose so they don't get caught in the apparatus. Dressing your upper body in layers will allow you to add/remove layers as needed to regulate body temperature. No shoes are necessary – be prepared to train in your socks, though!


Will Pilates help me lose weight?


Because of the resistive nature of Pilates training, your body's muscles will tone and lengthen to create a much longer, leaner appearance. While Pilates isn't a typical cardio workout, your waistline will narrow and your thighs will slim down. To put together a truly transformative regimen, Pilates should be supplemented by a traditional cardio training program and a balanced diet. With commitment to your Pilates training, your workouts will become more free-flowing, ultimately achieving an aerobic training effect.


If I have an injury, is Pilates an option for me?


While most training isn't recommended when coming off an injury, Pilates is actually excellent for those who have finished physical therapy and have clearance from their physician. Known for its rehabilitative qualities, modified Pilates training is a gentle way of reconditioning the body.


I'm in, how do I get started?


Pilates Miami is a fully-equipped Pilates studio and teacher training center. Staffed by certified Pilates professionals, we have been building strength while bringing balance to our students for over a decade.


Our latest offer for new students:


Three Private Sessions with one of our certified Pilates Teachers for $145.00



Click our promotion on the right to get started!


Is it safe to practice Pilates during pregnancy?


No two women's bodies are the same, especially during pregnancy. Some workouts are appropriate and safe, others not so much. During a normal, healthy pregnancy, moderate exercise is safe for the fetus. In fact, exercise during pregnancy is said to prevent varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and lower-back pain, all while boosting your self-esteem.


A woman's body goes through many changes during pregnancy, so exercises must be adapted accordingly. Over the course of one's pregnancy, the demand on the abdominal muscles should be decreased. During the second trimester, these muscles become stretched out while ligaments surrounding joints become lax. Therefore, it is important to know when and when not to overstretch.


So, is it safe to practice Pilates during pregnancy? With professional instruction, it can be. At Pilates Miami, we specialize in pre- and post-natal Pilates, helping our students strengthen and rebalance their muscles throughout the course of their pregnancy.

First Mat class

FREE  Thursdays at 6:15 p.m



8:00 am Chair/Reformer (Dylan)

9:00 am Beginner/Intermediate Reformer (Michal)


6:30 am Beginner/Intermediate Reformer (Kim)

9:00 am Intermediate Reformer (Kim)

10:00 am Absolute Beginner Pilates (Nenu)

7:15 pm Beginner/Intermediate Reformer (Michal)


6:30 am Beginner/Intermediate Reformer (Michal)

9:00 am Intermediate Reformer (Kim)

10:00 am Cardio Pilates (Michal/Kim)



9:00 am Beginner/Intermediate Reformer (Michal, Betinna, Kim)

10:00 am Mat Class (Michal, Bettina, Kim)



6:00 am Equipment Pilates (Dylan)

9:00 am Beginner/Intermediate Reformer (Michal)

10:00 am Boomers only 65+ (Anna)

7:30 pm Stretch For Life (Rosa)


10:00 am Beginner/Intermediate Reformer (Lauren, Rosa)



8:00 am Equipment (Bettina)

9:00 am Intermediate Reformer (Bettina)

6:15 pm Mat Class (Kim)

7:15 pm Equiptment (Michal)



Pilates Miami Specials

Monthly Series – 12 group classes for $225.00

Valid for 30 days

All Inclusive 10 – 10 group classes for $255.00

Valid for 6 months


Pilates Miami Group Class Package

Mat Class:

Single Class = $18.00

College Student or under 18 Single Class = $8.00

5 Class Package = $75.00

10 Class package = $150.00


Pilates Apparatus:

Single Class = $32.00

College Student or under 18 Single Class = $20.00

5 Class Package = $152.00

10 Class Package = $255.00


Cardio Pilates/Barre:

Single Class = $21.00

College Student or under 18 Single Class = $11.00

5 Class Package = $95.00

10 Class package = $190.00


Stretch Class:

Single Class = $20.00

College Student or under 18 Single Class = $11.00

5 Class Package = $75.00


- 24 hour cancellation notice is required for Duets and Private Sessions   via MindBodyOnline.com

- 12 hour cancellation notice is required for all group classes via MindBodyOnline.com

- We reserve the right to cancel any class

Private and Duet Packages

Private Sessions:

5 Private Sessions Package = $450.00

10 Private Sessions Package = $850.00



Duet Sessions:

Single Duet Session = $54.00

5 Duet Session Package = $240.00




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